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Donating to YDK means supporting the first and only turtle conservation NGO in the country to save our freshwater turtles. A sense of identity and belonging for former poachers. Economic development and new opportunities for the womenfolk. Education and awareness programmes for the children. Your financial help makes all these happen, and more.

Give where the need is greatest

Every terrapin egg we’re able to buy is a hatchling we’re able to save.
With your help, we can save more turtles,
empower more women and
educate more children
We’re proud to have released more than 4,000 river terrapins into the Buloh River and Kemaman River. Local villagers now frequently see terrapin heads popping up in the river, something they had not seen before we initiated this project.
We empower the local womenfolk by catering with them and ordering fabric products from them. Your donations train future women entrepreneurs and strengthen local economies.
Our children may constitute only 30% of our population today, but they are 100% of our future. Give the gift of education today because they are our future leaders, researchers and conservationists, and policy makers.

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”


You may also donate via PayPal, or with a debit or credit card – Use this only email for [email protected]


Q1: How to donate to Yayasan Deloitte Kassimchan?

1. Click the button above to make an online donation

2. Offline Donation – Download our donation form here and send it to the address stated in the form. Notification: This form temporarily unavailable!

3. Other Online Channels

        • Bill Payment – Available in Maybank2U, CIMBClicks and HSBC Online
        • Go to Bill Payment – search biller name ‘Yayasan Deloitte Kassimchan’.
        • Fill up details required by the bank.
        • Submit your payment.
        • You may receive call/email from Yayasan Deloitte Kassimchan for verification if details submitted are incomplete.
          • Shopee Mobile Apps
            • Open your Shopee Mobile Apps.
            • Click Deals, Top-Ups & Bills
            • Find Donation & Finance – select Donation
            • Enter your donation amount then select Donate to Yayasan Deloitte Kassimchan
            • To get your donation receipt, please provide your Full Name and Email Address to this email [email protected]
          • Lazada Store

Q2: Is my donation tax exempted? Is my donation tax-deductible?

A: Yes, Yayasan Deloitte Kassimchan is an NGO under sub-section 44 (6) of Income Tax Act 1967, and all cash donations to Yayasan Deloitte Kassimchan are tax deductible (applicable only to donations made within Malaysia).

Q3: Is there a minimum amount of donation required for me to be eligible for tax-exemption?

A. No. You are free to donate as much or as little an amount. However, please note that we have a certain level of administrative cost that needs to be maintained (postage, notification systems etc), as such we require at least RM10 should you wish to claim for tax-exemption.

For donations of RM20,000 and above in a single receipt, we are required to declare the donation to the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM).

Q4: What information do you need from me if I want to get a tax-exemption receipt for donation?

A: The Inland Revenue Board (IRB, or commonly known as LHDN, Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) has recently issued the revised Guidelines for Approval of Director General of Inland Revenue under Subsection 44(6) of the Income Tax Act dated 15 May 2019 (“Revised Guidelines”). The Revised Guidelines supersede the previous Guidelines dated April 2005 (“Previous Guidelines”).

Based on the Revised Guidelines, donors must provide complete information of the following details in order to obtain an official tax-exemption receipt from the organisation: The Revised Guidelines also states that the approved institution or organisation is not allowed to issue tax-exemption receipts to donors who fail to provide their complete personal details stated above.

    • Donor’s full name as per NRIC / Passport
    • NRIC number / passport number
    • Complete mailing address of current residence

Offline Donations

Please transfer your donation into the following account, and then send us an email for our records because the bank doesn’t send us real-time notifications.

Bank Name: Maybank Islamic Berhad
Account Number: 6741-2136-9551
Bank address: Floor 10, Dataran Maybank, 1, Jalan Maarof
City: Kuala Lumpur

Bank Name: CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad
Account Number: 9703-8331-70
Bank address: Floor 1, Menara Promet, Jalan Sultan Ismall
City: Kuala Lumpur

Bank Name: Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
Account Number: 1306-2002-0058-01
Bank address: Menara Bank Islam, Jalan Perak
City: Kuala Lumpur

  • You must enter the email [email protected] in the email field when making a transaction through Internet Banking.
  • You must take and upload a photo of proof of payment if you make a transaction through a Cash Deposit Machine/ATM.
  • If you wish to claim for tax-exemption. After donation, you need to sent to the email address [email protected] and then you will get the tax deduction receipt through this email [email protected] as confirming receipt of email.
  • For donations not in Malaysia or Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), please send your contributions to our “Offline Donations & SWIFT Code” and then send us an email [email protected] for our record.

How To Get Donation Receipts or Donation Tax Receipts

The Following Donation Receipt and it must meet the following 3 conditions:
  • a. Tax exemption receipts are not eligible to be given to failed donors
    provide complete information about himself. Complete information should be provided with details
    the following:-
For individual donors:
– Name of the donor
– Identification card number / passport number
– Complete address
For donors other than individuals:
– Name Company/Organization of the donor
– Company/Organization registration number
– Complete Address

– Inland Revenue Board Of Malaysia (IRBM) –
– Notes Of The Yayasan Deloitte Kassimchan As Follows-
“Deductions Under Subsection 44(6) Of Income Tax Act 1967
Approval Reference No : LHDN.01/35/42/51/179-6.2973
Effective Date: 01 Jan 1986 To 31 Dec 2025”

  • Other ways to contribute
Be a friend of YDK:
Sign up as a YDK member. Adopt a terrapin, or ten. Participate in our discovery trips. Shop with us. Some other ideas here.

Corporate Sponsorships:
There are numerous opportunities for corporations to support us. In fact, most of our funds come from partnerships with great companies. Let’s run a campaign together or throw an event together or do some other awesome thing together.

Got any ideas? Email us!

In-Kind Contributions:
We love gifts of all-year commercially-available pellets, vegetables, insurance for our Terrapin Guardians, etc. Plus, saving us money is (almost) as good as giving us cash.

Questions? Email us!


In coming soon..
Donate via Boost:
1. Open the Boost app.
2. Tap on “Scan and Pay.”
3. Scan this QR code.
4. Insert a donation amount.
5. Tap “Confirm.”