Vision & Mission



Our Vision is “Making Life Better for All”.

To making life better for all children through education, empowerment, and service back to the community. We believe that the keys to alleviating poverty are universal education, gender equality, and community building. We also believe change is sustainable when the local community is the principal actor in defining, analyzing and solving its own problems. The educational initiatives we support, and which are featured this year serve marginalized communities globally. They focus on academic excellence, fine arts, and character education to develop capable, ethical, and altruistic leaders who contribute to the betterment of their families, communities, and ultimately their nations.

Our Mission

To be the most trusted education funds and student success organization offering impactful solutions with students always at the forefront, and access to education fund, financial assistance, advocacy.

Receiving and administering funds for education, scientific and charitable purposes through integration and holistic education systems.

Strengthening the network of cooperation with stakeholders to realize the development of education to be enjoyed all.

Make program evaluations for improvement to achieve objectives

We are committed:

  • To create equal education opportunities particularly for deserving and less affordable.
  • To provide funds for education, scientific and charitable through integration and holistic education systems.
  • To enhance the welfare of the society especially the neglected children and senior citizen, vulnerable and disabled individuals.
  • To support conservation and preservation of the environment for common good.
  • To support the development and activities for arts and culture.

Yayasan Deloitte Kassimchan is established with the objective to fund and support philanthropic activities for :-

  • Education funds and Social Welfare (covering medical & health, environment, arts and culture).
  • Our priority is to provide direct aid to the needy or the underprivileged within our community.
Our services are centred around our three core values of inclusion, connection, and resilience and continually guided by the belief “YOU CAN. WE CAN.”